Newsletter: Volume 1 Issue 1

Posted by Amy Barrett on 1/7/2020 to Newsletters
Newsletter: Volume 1 Issue 1

Featured Product: Sandpaper

Spectrum Color’s catalog offers more than just gel coat.  As some of you now know we are no longer printing our catalogs, but you can download it onto your computer, phone, or tablet.  Now you can always have our products at your fingertips. Visit to download.

We will begin featuring different products that maybe you didn’t know we offered.  This month we are featuring our sandpaper. We have a variety of sandpaper including Spectrum Color Loops Discs, PSA Discs, Waterproof finishing sheets and finish packs. ($16-$22 for a box of 100) We also carry 3M Purple sandpaper.   No matter what kind you prefer we probably have it in stock here.

Here at Spectrum Color we are always testing our products in different scenarios and have recently found that our loop sandpaper can also be used with wet sanding. That sure will cut down the expense of all that sandpaper and purchasing special abrasives for wet sanding.  Order some today and don’t forget to use to coupon code below!


Technical Tips: Gel Coating in the Winter

· Check your local weather forecast 

· Keep your work area at 70°F or warmer

· Moisture in the air can cause pinholes and blister

· Don’t work on a cold boat. Heat the repair area  (no warmer than 90 degrees)

· Bring gel coat to room temperature before use

· Keep temp on it (not over 90 degrees) after you spray.

Social Media: Get Social

We have Social Media accounts on the major social media outlets. We post special contest, information, boat funnies, candid behind the scenes and much more! Join us with the usernames below.

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We hope your Holiday Season was filled with joy and happiness. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Spectrum Color Team

***January COUPON***

Purchase any 3 packs of sandpaper and get a 3M backing pad FREE. (Specify 5 or 6 inch)  use code: JAN2020 

coupon good from Jan 1-31 2020

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