Sizzling Summer Deals

Posted by Racquel Gregory on 7/1/2020 to Newsletters


This summer we are offering up some of our HOTTEST deals yet! Check out our summer featured products below and get to gellin'

  1. RESIN

Gallon purchase power! Our resins on average cost only $31.00 dollars per gallon, compared to our retail competitors gallon price averaging $50 to $60 dollars. Spectrum Color can save you on average 50% per gallon on resin. 

We offer a variety of Resin types and sizes to help you complete the process! Add one gallon** of resin to your order and it ships free!

*Available in Quart,Gallon and 4 Gallon sizes

**Free shipping available in one gallon size only when combined with a purchase of other products.

Why is it important to have gallon sizes available? With a one gallon size working with smaller projects you can create a longer shelf life with the resealable lid, increase your mobility and save on space; enhancing the value of the gallon size availability even more!

USE CODE: RESIN2020 at Check out! 


Spectrum Color’s CHOPPED STRAND MATTING is sold by the yard and on the roll. That makes it easy to tackle any size project, big or small. Our fiberglass matting is cut to order and currently stocked to sell! Order yours today!


Spectrum Color also offers DOUBLE BIAS MAT.  This combines the chopped matting and a woven roving matting. It is a 17 ounce knitted fabric with a .8 ounce fiberglass mat for structure and durability. This makes it possible to lay two layers at once. Saving time and money! 



3M ™  Perfect-It ™  Products:

3M™ Perfect-It™ Cutting Compounds are perfect to get the job done right! Made in three weight grades (light, medium and heavy). They can be used to repair scratches from P1500 to P800.  

All cutting compounds include a wax finish.  This means they can be used to cut, polish and wax in one step.  

Another part of the Perfect-It™ system is their new Boat Wax. This is the final and professional step to get your boat the high gloss finish you want! Similar to  3M™ Perfect-It™ Cutting Compounds, this product is easy to use and includes high quality ingredients such as pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax which is renowned for its hardness and show-quality finish. This wax not only provides a high-quality finish but also creates a durable shell that helps protect the surface against weathering.